Its been a great week here on the farm! Lots of rain so opportunities to catch up on a bit of planning and in-door work. Kenan is working on plans for the new brooder house, Daniel has most of his seeds ordered for the bountiful harvest to come of heirloom chemical free produce. The first seeds were to be planted today!
Sarah continues to care for her new little goats who are growing quickly. Our mama goats are doing a fine job raising them. Joshua checked the bee hives this week and is grateful to report they have survived the bitter cold thus far. A big load of fence posts was dropped off this week as Matthew prepare to head up a 29,000 foot fencing project on the farm.

Our big news this week was the acquring of a new guard dog – Justice! So we now have Liberty & Justice…..for all :-). Justice is also a Great Pyrennies and will be put to work very soon, guarding the many animals that will be on the farm in the months to come.