It is good to be back! Our weekend away was refreshing & blessed. What fun to return & have the joy of picking up an orphaned calf from a neighbor’s farm. Enjoy a few more pics of him below.
Its going to be a great day at market tomorrow. We’re excited to be back and look forward to seeing you then. Produce bins are filling up with tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, & more; the fridges have Fresh Chicken, and we’ll have extra eggs….see you then!
Harvesting kale Friday morning….
Look at all those fun fuzzy yellow balls….can I touch one? ๐Ÿ™‚
Good morning Turkeys!
Pasture Raised Chickens with their faithful guard geese
Saying hello the orphaned calf
This week on the farm….
We’re getting back in the swing of things after being away. Lots of animal moving. Kenan set up another large section for the sheep to slowly move through. One of the layer pens are in the neighboring segment and will move over once the sheep finish graze (mow) the pasture down.Joshua wasn’t able to pull honey supers off this week and so is shooting for early next week. We’re all itching for some fresh local, RAW honey.

The dairy cows love the pasture area they have been moved to that is covered with small trees: lots of shade, plenty of forage results in happy cows & more Raw Milk – yippey!!

We picked up the oprhaned calf last night and are already having fun taking on the new responsibility of caring for & feeding him. He comes from a well cared for polled herford herd down the road.
Liberty – the matriarch dog of the farm. She will likely be giving birth to another litter of puppies this fall or early winter.
Taking a quick break to throw a ball for Dakota to fetch