Grateful for the help of generous friends in building the cattle corral. Project was finished just in time to load another steer on the trailer and to move a bull.
Helping Grandpa
Team work is good fun!
Happy Pigs resting in the shade of the trees
Grilling 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef Steaks
Cutting fence boards for corral
Nearing completion!
Cattle load up time in the new corral
The new corral works very well. Organizing cattle is much simpler now. Good work team!
This week on the farm….
Hints of fall are in the air. Early Friday morning temps were below 70 degrees. The animals are loving it….and so are the farmers.

A highlight of the week was the installing of fence boards on the new cattle corral. Matthew was facing a cattle hauling deadline last Tuesday that would require the completion of the corral. He set out to start the ominous project when visiting friends & the rest of the team decided to descend upon the corral Monday….many hands made light & fun work. And the deadline was met!

Mom finished a couple batches of chicken stock this week so the freezer is full once again.

Joshua, Lisa, & boys returned from a couple refreshing days away. They’re back in the saddle again with chicken processing, making granola, and more!

It takes work to maintain, but oh how refreshing the fruit of good hard labor
Is there Glyphosate in Non-GMO Feed that the chickens, turkeys, & pigs are eating?

We used to use regular Non-GMO feed but found out(partly through help of several of our inquiring customers – thank you!) that Non-GMO feed can be & often is sprayed with chemicals that include glyphosate (the major chemical component in Round-Up). The World Health Organization (WHO) has actually come out and said that Glyphosate could cause cancer.

What was our option? We looked for an alternative. Found out that there are lots of cheap non-gmo feeds out there. So we started asking questions. We have learned to beware of feeds (most of which are also cheap) that….

  • are not laboratory tested for GMO contamination.
  • have not been laboratory tested for pesticides and herbicides.
  • use “closed formulas” or improperly tagged bags.
  • hide inferior ingredients by pelletizing.
  • use cheap copies of industry leading Fertrell Minerals.
  • use “Least Cost Formulation” and fillers to lower their price point.
  • have not been formulated by a respected nutritionist.

We wanted an excellent option. We considered Organic but found out that even Organic feed is seldom, if ever, tested and they charge high prices – two strikes against it.

After research, we found a feed supplier out of Pennsylvania that is sourced by organically grown feed but that is then tested after it is grown and so is guaranteed to be: GMO Free, Pesticide Free, Herbicide Free, Non-Medicated, & USA produced. We met with one of the company reps and asked a number of questions to ensure the quality. We walked away in confidence that we had found an excellent, reliable solution. This is what we supplement our animals that need a grain protein (meat & egg laying chickens, turkeys, & pigs).