Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…..
Meet a pair of our guard geese
Happy dairy cows resting in the shade
Curious young turkeys
Connecting up to head out for some mowing
Freshly harvested Sweet Potatoes!
Our feed….Tested & Guaranteed to be GMO FREE, Pesticide FREE, Herbicide FREE, Non-medicated, & USA produced.
One of our movable shade structures
This week on the farm….
Record hot temps on Friday. The animals are in the shade. Thankfully we have many movable shade structures – why? Shaded areas is where animals congregate, especially in the heat. If these areas are not allowed to rest they become festering grounds for disease and bugs. By ‘moving’ the shade the animals are constantly resting in new places around the pasture. This results in healthy animals, healthy pasture, and ultimately better quality products.

Two more dairy calves were weaned Friday. More genetic test results came in this past week for dairy calves. Two were A2/A2. The one A1/A2 calf will be sold. Read more about A2/A2 milk here and learn why we have chosen to build a herd that is 100% A2/A2 genetically. We have more raw milk shares coming available by Dec. 1st at the latest. You can sign up nowto reserve your share.

Last Wednesday evening brought an unexpected storm across the Culpeper piedmont. The whole area was hit hard. It reminded me of a snowstorm with how the rain was blowing around. And….the power went out. Make matters worse, it was just before we cooked our 100% grass fed beef burgers for dinner….sigh. Thankfully, there was full propane canisters in the garage and with the help of our little stove, we cooked our burgers on the covered front porch while enjoying the cooler post-storm temps (and the light) of outside. Made for a great family memory!

Checking out Daddy’s cooking burgers on Wednesday