Friday morning was especially beautiful. As the sun came over the trees, a team was splitting and stacking firewood while the bee hives were being inspected. Not much later the ovens were fired up as Sprouted Wheat Bread, Granola Bars, Almond flour cookies, & more took form.

Fall time hive inspection….

Stacking wood for the winter…

One of many bright & cheery sites on the farm

Freshly tilled greenhouse….ready for planting…

Baby layers….

Look what Joshua found during his bee inspection…
This week on the farm….
Had a belted gallow heifer escape to the blueberry patch this week. She didn’t seem to know where she was going to end up. The rest of the cows went the other way in to the woods. Moral of the story…..keep the electric fence turned on :-).The guard geese are doing their job….sometimes a bit too well according to reports this week of a few of the team getting hissed at and almost nipped. Moral of the story…. keep your eye on the goose because his is on you.

The cooler temps are here – happy autumn season to all. We’re prepping for the winter season which is only a short few weeks away. The last of the chicks are in the brooders. If you were contemplating a bulk package, now would be the time to place your order. Email us today.

Daniel has been planting away the last couple weeks – trying to get all the winter crops in before the temps turn too cool for growing. The greenhouse is tilled and being planted now. Looking forward to fresh greens on in to the winter months.

Egg production is up a bit this week. Hopefully that will mean eggs at every market. Thank you to everyone for your understanding during this shortfall.

More 100% Grass fed beef & forest raised, non-gmo pork is on the way! Lamb will be back in stock the end of October.

Happy foraging pigs
Monsanto Sells out….
Just over a week or so ago, Monsanto sold out to German based Bayer company for $66 Billion. The merger has been touted as ‘needed to meet the rising food demand.’ GMO crops have become even more centralized – thus giving more power to a few over the majority of corn, soybean, canola, etc crops grown across the world.There were 6 companies that dominated the worldwide seed and pesticide markets – now there are 5.

The good news is that the danger of GMO crops are being exposed more & more to us, the consumers. And as we continue to vote with our dollars, we are seeing a slow but steady impact being made. The side benefit is an avoidance of being a part of one of the history’s biggest experiments…the affects that 45+ years of growing and consuming GMO crops is having on our health, the health of our children, and the health of the soil.

Beautiful autumn mornings are here….

Mooooo-rning to you!