Getting the chores taken care of – Brother Mark is a familiar face to the animals ’round the farm
The grass has stopped growing – now is the time for high quality hay. These newly acquired hay rings eliminate waste so the cows receive the most benefit from each bale.
Products not to miss…..
– A tasty bounty of tasty goodies to include:
No-Gluten: Blueberry Muffins, Pop-Tarts, Pumpkin Bread, & Sandwich bread (no-gluten, soft, fluffy, & tasty)
Limited time offer for this winter: Coconut Cardamom Granola
Blueberry Granola, Spelt Bread, Sprouted Wheat Bread, Granola Bars, & more!
Chicken: Chicken Wing SALE tomorrow – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Chicken & Turkey stock
– Pasture/Forest Raised Non-GMO Pork: Mild & Sweet Italian Grillers in stock
– Turkey Wings & Bones
100% Grass Fed/finished Lamb Roasts & Shanks
– Honey Brook’s 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef – Our beef is never treated with hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. Our operation is operated beyond organic standards.

Bulk Meat Packages:
Looking for bulk pricing on Whole chickens or maybe you also want Boneless Breasts, Drumsticks, & Wings. How about a multiple packages of chicken wings? Maybe Ground Beef, Chuck Roasts, or Beef Bones? We have options and will have even more options available soon.

See you Saturday!
the Wilkes Team

Note on Winter Farmer’s Market Schedule
Del Ray – Year Around 8am-12pm
Falls Church – Year Around (winter hours 9am-12pm)
Leesburg – Year Around (winter hours: 9am-12pm)
Mt. Vernon – weekly drop-offs all winter (see sidebar for schedule)
Burke – Bi-weekly drop-offs all winter (see sidebar for schedule)
Ashburn/One Loudoun – Bi-weekly drop-offs all winter (see sidebar for schedule)
Stone Ridge – Bi-weekly drop-offs all winter (see sidebar for schedule)
Haymarket – Bi-weekly drop-offs to continue all winter

No-Gluten Sandwich Bread – even our wheat lovers think this bread is tasty!
Its a cat’s life!
Note from Richmond….

Thank you to our friends at Farm to Consumer Defense Fund for the info….

Besides the senate bill 1195 that we emailed about last week (thank you to all who called the senators), here is a couple more to note….

Virginia House Bill 1897 (HB 1897) and Senate Bill 1529  (SB 1529) are companion bills introduced, respectively, by Delegate Nick Freitas and Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel to make it crystal clear that aquaculture is an agricultural activity under Virginia law. The legislation seeks not only to protect aquaculture in any zone that allows production agriculture but also to preserve the use of property for aquaculture that began prior to any change in zoning that disallows production agriculture.

Virginia House Bill 2030 (HB 2030) would allow the face-to-face sale of food products at farmers markets or through farm-based and home-based sales directly to consumers as long as the producer informs the consumer that the food product is neither certified, regulated, nor inspected. Foods sold under this bill are to be intended only for home consumption and cannot contain uninspected meat other than poultry.

Commander Dakota….on the job!
This week on the farm
Dad & Mom enjoyed a couple days of time together down south while the rest of the team held down the fort. This included a memorable family night with everyone back at the farm – complete with an obstacle course for the littles (and a few big ones 🙂 ) and a hilarious game of Pictionary.

Just after a milk drop this past week, Joshua made a couple calls to VA senators in Richmond to encourage them to vote against SB1195 as discussed in last week’s newsletter.

Pine trees are ordered for arrival in March. Some of the earliest veggie seedlings have emerged thus bringing a few hints of green. The guys have been working in the dairy barn, finishing up the fence around the dairy barn, and also tackling the fence repair in the back twenty.

We received custom covers for the grain wagons. The sheep are out grazing the big fenced field. Still no baby piglets…talk about suspense around here :-).

We’re beginning to get things lined up for summer markets. It will be here before we know it!

Moooo to you!