Herd Shares for Raw Milk

Herd Shares now available from our 100% Grass Fed Dairy Cows. Our dairy operation is one of very few in the country that keeps their cows on pasture 365 days a year. Then out of the 5-15% of grass fed dairy operations, most will supplement with grain in some way. We never give any grain […]

Beyond Organic Produce

No Pesticides – No Herbicides – No Fungicides – Unlike conventional farming, we are building up our soil by using rich organic material in our gardens, rotational & successional plantings, row covers, & more, we work to keep bug & disease at a minimum and so produce quality food you can eat with confidence.

Pasture Raised Meats

100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Lamb and Pasture Raised (on grass) Chicken, Turkey, & Pork that is supplemented with feed, tested & guaranteed to be free from GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, & medication. Never given antibiotics or hormones.