About once a year, our farm has a litter of Great Pyrenees Puppies.

Our whole 2018 litter has been re-home!


We had major trouble with predators attacking our flocks of chickens, but since having Great Pyrenees dogs things have changed! They are loyal to the herd and the family and offer superior protection. They love the work too! Our Pyrenees puppies are placed out with the flock of chickens with their mom at an early age. They bond to whatever animal or people they grow up with during their first year of life.   It’s ingrained in their nature to protect their flock or herd, this early conditioning makes them the perfect livestock guardian dog for any animal or family! They earn their keep.

The puppies are being given an incredible foundation for life ahead. They come from good hardworking stock that are very well trained in protecting our farm animals (chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, & cattle).  Our dogs are fed either raw meat (primarily chicken) produced on our farm or ‘Taste of the Wild‘ feed. The results we see prove the worthiness of the investment. Our grown dogs also receive routine all natural herbal de-worming from which we have seen fantastic results and so are very healthy and active. Besides their mother’s milk, the puppies are daily receiving Taste of the Wild puppy feed and raw milk from our 100% grass fed dairy cows. So no junk dog food is being given to them. We want to give the puppies an incredible foundation for a good healthy, hearty life on a farm doing what they were created for.

The puppies are already learning about fulfilling their role as LGDs from their very well trained parents. Historically, almost all our puppies go to working farms where we receive great reports of them living well the life they love.

 All of the puppies are energetic, happy and most importantly healthy! We strive to raise healthy puppies and try to give them the best start.  With our large family the puppies are well socialized (not to mention all the friends and visitors).  



Pics from last litter: