100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef

We are now offering 100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef at all our area drop-offs! No antibioitics, hormones, or chemicals.

We believe that herbivores such as cattle, sheep, and goats are created to live on forages and brush. They have a fantastic digestion system that converts fibrous grasses & brush into the nutrients they need while returning rich fertilizer to the fields they move across and so creating a wonderful ecological order that compliments well the goal of our farm to invest into the fields so that the quality of our pasture and thereby our food increases over time. They are ideal for converting solar energy stored in the cellulose of plants that we as humans can then digest without any grain based carbs or sugars. We do not finish on grain nor treat with grain. Only 100% pure chemical free pasture forages supplemented with minerals. Learn more by visiting our farm and signing up for our newsletter.

We are very pleased with how our beef herd is developing. In order to keep up with demand while our herd grows, we have also been able to secure 100% Grass Fed & Finished steers raised according to Organic standards and Certified Naturally Grown from Kinloch Farms – managed by our cousin. Kinloch Farms is on the cutting edge of organically raised 100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef and so are a fantastic resource to our team here at Honey Brook Farms in producing beyond organic food while building up the soil and pasture for the generations to come.

Honey Brook Farms….A Family Farm for this Generation and the Ones to Come.

100% Grass Fed Meat Cooking tips:

• Grassfed beef is ideal at rare to medium-rare temperatures. If you prefer meat well done, cook at a low temperature in a sauce to add moisture. A slow cooker is ideal.
• Always pre-heat the oven, pan, or grill before cooking grassfed beef.
• Grassfed beef cooks about 30 percent faster than grain fed beef. Use a thermometer to test for
doneness and watch the temperature carefully. You can go from perfectly cooked to overdone in
less than a minute. The meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the heat, so when it
reaches a temperature ten degrees LOWER than the desired temperature, it’s done.
• Let the beef sit covered in a warm place for eight to 10 minutes after removing from heat to let
the juices redistribute.

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