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Farm Offerings

Pasture Raised Pork

Our pasture/forest raised pigs forage rotationally, the way they were created to, across chemical free pasture & forest while being supplemented with good old kitchen scraps and feed that is tested beyond the National Organic Program’s standards for pesticide residue testing.

Our feed company  is seeking to set a new standard for evaluating purity and providing transparency for those sourcing all natural high quality, Non-GMO, Non-Glyphosate, and Pesticide Residue tested livestock feeds.  The goal is to build an all natural, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, foundation for a sustainable, local food system which will allow all of God’s Creation to thrive.

The result is flavorful meat free from antibioitics and growth hormones.

While most Non-GMO and even organic feed will have glyphosate or chemical levels above EPA standards, we are thrilled for the rigorous standards our feed maintains.

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