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Our happy chickens move across chemical free pasture where they forage in the sun on a rich salad bar of local grasses, clover, & flowers while being supplemented with an incredible feed (see below). In the winter time, they forage on wood chips to protect the dormant pasture while providing rich fertilizer that we can harvest in the spring to compost for future use on our beyond organic garden beds. The result is flavorful eggs free from antibioitics and  growth hormones. They are supplemented with a feed that is tested beyond the organic testing requirements for GMO’s, herbicides, & pesticides.

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1 Dozen, Egg Sale: 2 Dozen

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Dozen Eggs –

  1. Autumn (verified owner)

    Best farm fresh eggs by far!
    They have delicious, rich orange yolks which is a marker for hens that eat the way
    God intended them too!

  2. Beth (verified owner)

    BEST.EGGS.EVER. I only by my eggs from Honey Brook. They are so yummy! And I know that the hens eat well and live a happy life. And that’s important to me. Thanks Wilkes family!

  3. Karen (verified owner)

    Great eggs. I missed a week and had to go back and buy from the grocery store — all natural, organic — and they don’t even compare to the eggs from Honey Brook. Best eggs I have had in years.

  4. Chao (verified owner)

    Eggs tasted awesome, standing & orangish yolk, thick shell, all indications of good eggs. I usually get mine from Whole Foods (one of the local farmer’s eggs), but it ran out. I’d been wanting to purchase from Honey Brook (although it’s a bit of a drive for me); it didn’t disappoint. The price was very reasonable. Love it!

  5. Winston Welty (verified owner)

    I always specify the HoneyBrook version of eggs, which are usually listed as out of stock, but tend to be available if your get to the farmer’s market early enough.

  6. Joy Fritz (verified owner)

    Awesome eggs! My kid reacts to grocery store eggs so we thought she couldn’t eat eggs. Turns out she can eat Honey Brook eggs every day and be just fine.

  7. Erika Knott (verified owner)

    You can tell these are great eggs by the color of the yolk and the taste of course!

  8. Young

    Loved the eggs and I shared them with my family members and they all loved it! I totally agree with organic pasture raised chicken’s eggs!!!

  9. Jennifer Penso (verified owner)

    Delicious I usually get a double yolks. These chicken must be super happy 🙂

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