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Cranberry Candle


Not too sweet, and not too tart… just perfect. A holiday, and everyday, favorite!

These highly fragrant and beautiful candles are hand-poured by some of our team members, and are carefully prepared for the highest quality possible. The canning jars give them a unique and rustic look, making them an excellent gift for any candle lover. Most burn over 30 hours

For best results, burn a minimum of four hours, or until melt pool is completely across candle container. To achieve an even burn, leave candle ring on jar. Replace lid immediately upon extinguishing. Remove any knots that form before relighting, but avoid trimming the wick. Keep away from children and pets. Always burn candles on stable surface.

The Candle Cove and Honey Brook Farms is not liable for any loss or harm due to acts of God, natural disaster, physical reactions, or any other circumstances beyond the control of its employees.


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