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RAW VA Honey – pint jar


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Our own RAW Unheated, Untreated honey is in stock! Currently offered in pint size jar. 

RAW Honey from the Bee Hives on Honey Brook Farms. No heat, no antibiotics, no chemicals, and no pasteurization. We don’t even use organic approved treatments on our hive. Nor do we use a heat knife during extraction to make sure our honey is 100% raw.

When it is RAW and local, honey is an excellent immune builder. Infact a table spoon of apple cider vinegar (preferably vinegar with the ‘Mother’ in it) and a Table spoon of honey a day are great ways to give your body a boost of good health – especially during the winter months.

Also note that any baking that involves heating the honey above 115 degrees will kill off the beneficial enzymes found in RAW honey.

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