Special Beef Sale – Please Read….Price posted is $/lb




This is a special beef sale in that the beef here featured came from a young bull we had processed (2.5 years old). As a result, the meat will have a slightly stronger taste and so is discounted. Still great tasting meat and is 100% grass fed, no chemically treated hay, no chemically treated pasture, no hormones, and no other antibioitics.

Note that this beef  must be pre-ordered!

And…unlike most of our website items, the price posted is NOT the estimated price but rather is the price per pound (if you need a size estimate, please email us though you can count on standard size roasts {2-3lb}, steaks, etc). Your final total will be likely much different than the estimate the system emails you.

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Additional information


Beef Bones, Short Ribs, 12-13lb Bone-in Rib Roast, Meaty Stew Meat Soup Bones

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