Bulk Chicken Options


Except for the chicken leg bulk packages, all are sold out but will return in the spring!




With the exception of the small & large bulk packages, the price posted will vary based on weight.

  • Small Chicken Bulk Package: 2 Whole Chickens, 6 Packages: Boneless Breasts, 4 Packages: Drumsticks, 4 Packages: Wings (approx. 25lbs total): $160 + tax
  • Large Chicken Bulk Package: 10 Whole Chickens, 8 Packages: Boneless Breasts, 6 Packages: Drumsticks, 6 Packages: Wings (approx. 60lbs total): $325 + tax (Note: additional $15 fee for delivery to a market)

Our chickens move across chemical free pasture where they forage in the sun on a rich salad bar of local grasses, clover, & flowers while being supplemented with a feed, that unlike organic, is tested & guaranteed to be free from GMO’s, Herbicides, & Pesticides. The result is flavorful meat & eggs free from antibioitics and  growth hormones. Unless otherwise indicated, chicken will be frozen. Note that listed price is the price per pound (excluding the flat rates on bulk packages). Weight will vary – final price will be the weight times price per pound.

Additional Info

Additional information


10 Whole Chickens ($4.73/lb), Small Bulk Package, Large Bulk Package, 15 Wing Packages ($5.40/lb), 15+ Drumstick Package ($5.10/lb), 25 Drumstick Package ($4.50/lb)

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