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Farm Offerings


Our happy chickens move across chemical free pasture where they forage in the sun on a rich salad bar of local grasses, clover, & flowers while being supplemented with an incredible feed (see below). In the winter time, they forage on wood chips to protect the dormant pasture while providing rich fertilizer that we can harvest in the spring to compost for future use on our beyond organic garden beds. The result is flavorful eggs free from antibioitics and  growth hormones. They are supplemented with a feed that is tested above and beyond the organic testing requirements for GMO’s, herbicides, & pesticides.

If we are sold out of our own eggs, we are grateful to be able to provide partner farm eggs. The eggs come from chickens that are pasture raised on chemical free fields where they are not given antibiotics or hormones and supplemented with non-gmo feed.

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