Chicken – Whole

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Estimated Price per Package: $23.80

Price per Pound: $5.95
Average Weight: 4lb



Did you know our feed is tested beyond organic requirements for GMO’s, Herbicides, and Pesticides? Add this to chickens never given antibiotics or hormones and raised on pastures that are free from chemicals for a truly wholesome meat for the nourishing lifestyle.

From April through October, chicken is processed weekly!


Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Chicken – Whole

  1. Marlene

    Purchased two whole chickens this past weekend to roast for a family dinner. The price is very reasonable compared to any grocery store in the area. Let’s also not forget to mention that the chickens were extremely fresh and tasty, which is never the case with grocery bought chickens. I will be going back to buy more very soon!

  2. Linda (verified owner)

    WONDERFUL natural chicken! I bought a whole frozen chicken from Honey Brook to make broth for a sick friend. I cooked the chicken for hours on the wood stove (about 200 degrees) in a 4 gallon stock pot. I deboned the meat and used the stock for soup here. One 3# chicken made about 3 gallons of rich broth. Most went into the freezer and some to sick friends. I am enjoying it in homemade soups and in pasta cooking broth.
    GREAT taste and healthy food. My friends and I will have more purchases in the future from Honey Brook Farm. They raise their food the natural and healthy way.
    Buy Local and Buy Fresh,
    Linda in Albemarle County

  3. Tammy

    Was a little concerned about paying $26 for a whole chicken but totally worth every cent. So much white meat and made broth afterwards I was delighted the amount of meat on the back. I also truly appreciate the chicken was cleaned out well so all I had to do was cook it. I will order again.

  4. Jodi Callahan

    Honey Brook Farms has been my only source for chicken for a few years now. The quality is always excellent. I used to wonder whether it’s worth paying higher prices than grocery store chicken, but now I pay it happily, knowing that it’s safe and delicious for my family, and the animals and environment are being treated well rather than abused for the sake of cheap (but questionable quality) food.

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