RAW Honey from Honey Brook Farms

Several of you have inquired about being able to purchase our raw honey, produced by our bees with a little help from Joshua. We are pleased to share that we do have a supply of honey available. Supplies are a bit limited this season but with recent expansion of the honey yard, we are hoping for a larger harvest in 2014.

Besides being local which is a big plus for the health of all Virginians, our honey is antibiotic free, unheated, unprocessed, and contains pollen, some comb & propolis, and live enzymes. Our bees are never treated with chemicals or antibiotics to ensure a product that is both safe and very nutritious.

All natural honey will granulate with the passing of time. To liquefy, place jar in warm water or place in the sun. Just be sure the honey doesn’t go above 115 degrees F to avoid removing the beneficial live enzymes. This is one reason we do not use a heat knife when processing, though very unusual as many beekeepers do. We don’t want any of the honey to reach high temps that will destroy the beneficial live enzymes.

And a quick lesson on liquid vs. crystalized or creamed honey:

Liquid Honey is the way honey comes from the hive. Extracting honey from honey comb yields a wonderful golden liquid that goes right in the jar. Fresh raw honey will be liquid since it was just extracted from the hives. In fact, all honey is liquid when it is harvested or taken from the hives. As time passes, honey will start to crystallize, raw honey will crystallize faster than commercially packed honey since it has never been heated or filtered.

Crystallized Honey is simply the result of the process honey under goes when changing from a liquid to a solid. Sort of like water to ice. Heating just delays the crystallization process. So honey that you buy may have been heated in the past which is why it is important to know your local beekeeper and his methods.

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