Reports are not showing that the average age of the American farmer is 60+ years of age. The number of farmers are decreasing with the passing of time and very few are being replaced. It goes without saying that farming is hard work. Farmers are so much more dependent upon the Lord as they watch the weather and pray for good growing conditions. Many of my Grandparent’s generation were farmers. Many went through severe economic downturns during the great depression, famines, and more. But there was a stability of their generation because of their understanding of basics – how to grow a garden, how to survive on less, how to work together, and more. With the retiring of these farmers, there is also the retiring of a wealth of information.

How can we respond? Take advantage of the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of parents and grandparents. Learn how they made it through the tough times and look for points of application.

Also, while we still have it good across America, take the opportunity to ‘Be Prepared.’ Throw in a couple tomato plants, try growing lettuce and kale. If you are able, raising a few egg layers takes very little effort. Such experience provides a healthy appreciation for what it takes to grow food.

Our desire is to help equip the next generation with the information and tools needed to meet one of the basic physical needs of mankind – food. We are “a Family Farm for this Generation and the Ones to Come.” We would love to help your family in any way we can.