2022 Vegetable CSA




This year we are thrilled to offer either an 18 or 22 week CSA program. 

Once again, we will have only a limited number of spaces so sign up early!

No Pesticides – No Herbicides – No Fungicides – Our produce is Certified by CNG
Unlike conventional farming, we are building up our soil so that it will be able to be used for years to come without chemicals & synthetic fertilizers. By using rich organic material in our gardens, rotational & successional plantings, row covers, & more, we work to keep bug & disease at a minimum and so produce quality food you can eat with confidence.

• Why do a CSA? This provides an opportunity to partner with a local farm. With your CSA membership, the farm receives ‘seed money’ at the start of the season in exchange for a share in the harvest during the length of the membership. Its a way to make a vested interest in local agriculture while enjoying the rewards of seasonal produce free from herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, and synthetic fertilizers.
• Where will pickup be? CSA customers may pick up their weekly box of produce at the farm (Wed or Sat) or at the following weekly farmers markets: Leesburg (Sat), Burke (Sat), Del Ray (Sat), Reston (Sat), Falls Church (Sat), Stone Spring (Sat) & Mt. Vernon (Wed). Home delivery is also available for our Tuesday morning route. Note that veggies for home delivery will be picked Friday morning and stored in cool storage until sent out for delivery Monday night.

• What to expect? 1 Share will typically feed 2-3 people who prepare meals about 4 times per week. There will be a weekly assortment of our best produce worth about $35 at our normal market rates. Over the course of the season, veggies will include: spinach, head lettuce, radishes, kale, chard, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, basil, & more. The 2019 season also included blueberries & sweet corn.

Approximately a 1/2 bushel of veggies. You can expect 7-10 items each week.

What do you mean by seasonal produce? Eating seasonally means you will receive veggies depending on the current growing season. Below is an example of what you might find in your seasonal basket throughout the three seasons. For example, you wouldn’t expect to find tomatoes before July.

Example One: 3 mini heads of lettuce or 1 bag of loose leaf lettuce mix, 1 bunch swiss chard,  2 lb zucchini/squash, 3 lbs tomatoes, 1 qrt. cherry tomatoes, 1 lb potatoes, 1/2 lb. bell pepper, 1 bunch basil

Example Two: 1 bag of spinach, 1 bunch kale,  2 lb zucchini/squash, 3 lbs tomatoes, 1 qrt. cherry tomatoes, 2 lb cucumbers, 1/2 lb. bell pepper

1 bag lettuce, 1 bunch kale, 1 head cabbage, 1 bunch carrots, 3 lbs. potatoes, 1 butternut squash, 2 pound sweet potatoes

• When will this begin and end?

18 Week Summer CSA May 18-Sep. 17th (Sep. 14th for Wed customers)

22 Week Summer/Fall CSA May 18-October 22nd (Oct. 19th for Wed customers). The 2022 CSA will begin May 18 (May 21 for Sat customers) and end with the final pickup Oct. 22nd (Oct 19th for Wed customers). Note that our family will be away the week of September 18-24 so no produce will be picked that week.
• How much?

18 week 2022 summer veggie CSA: $590 (+tax) for the season. This includes delivery to a farmer’s market (Extra fee for home delivery).

22 week 2022 summer/fall veggie CSA: $720 (+tax) for the season. This includes delivery to a farmer’s market (Extra fee for home delivery).

CSA Agreement: By purchasing a share in the Honey Brook CSA program, I have accepted the terms of this membership agreement.   Members of the CSA will receive a weekly share of produce, varying in size depending on the time of season.  One aspect of CSA is that members support their farmer by sharing in the rewards (organic, exceptionally fresh vegetables, the bounty of a good season, etc.) and the risks of farming, including poor harvests due to unfavorable weather or pests, or the total loss of all crops due to a natural disaster such as flood, drought, tropical storm or hurricane.  CSA farmers purposely plan for such contingencies; the farmers use growing techniques that protect the harvest to minimize the risk and optimize the rewards. On the whole, members will get a wide variety of vegetables in plentiful amounts. I understand this principle and agree that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive in my share. By becoming a member, I agree to support the farm with timely payments. I commit to picking up my share(s) weekly and I understand that if I, or someone I designate, is unable to pick up my share(s), they cannot be saved. I understand that my contribution as a member is utilized as seed and spring start up funds for the farmers and therefore my CSA membership fee is nonrefundable.

Additional Info

Additional information

CSA Length

18 Week Summer Veggie CSA, 22 Week Summer/Fall Veggie CSA

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