Honey Brook Farms is home of the happy non-GMO chickens! From my farm office window right now, I can watch our pasture raised layer hens running all over chemical free pasture enjoying a tasty salad bar of wild flowers & grass….even a bug or two for the quick ones.

These chickens are not simply “free range” or “cage free,” which are terms that really don’t have much meaning today. Free Range chickens have access to a small outdoor pen that is really too small for so many birds. Cage free simply means that hens are kept in large, often overcrowded indoor pens instead of small cages.
A study was conducted a couple years ago which concluded pastured eggs contained 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/3 less saturated fat, and 5 times the Vitamin D of commercially produced eggs. In this case, the eggs do turn out better because the hens are happier as they have room to roam and forage as our Creator intended.