Happy Memorial Day! We have much to be grateful for as a nation and must not forget the many who have given their lives to preserve what has made American the country it is. During World War Two, many posters like the one below were posted across the nation to remind Americans what we were fighting for and that it takes all of us as American citizens to keep our country free and one nation under God. This is America….Keep it Free!

Its been a hustling, bustling week here on the farm with many more plants going in the ground, weeding the gardens, caring for the rapidly growing peaches and apples, splitting bee hives and taking a look at the honey crop to come. While not very common these days among local bee keepers, we don’t use any fumigants, antibiotics, or chemicals in caring for our bees or processing of our RAW honey.

Oh and there is also the unexpecteds that arose like one of our Gloucestershire Old Spot Hogs (a well tempered heritage breed) made it out of his pen and wandered up to the house and a local farmer dropped off a herd of dairy cows to mow down one of our fields – a great fuel saver!


More chicks are on the way as well as a shipment of berry bushes that will be added to the blueberry patch. And the ducks are growing.