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Consumer Reports Chicken Article

In December of last year, Consumer Reports came out with a very eye opening article on chicken meat. I read through it here recently and learned more of the quality of chicken in the grocery stores including types of bacteria found in chicken and comparing different brands.What I appreciated is they gave more context to […]

Understanding Chicken Labels

So, what does cage free & free range mean… really need to ask the farmer. Or better yet, visit their farm. Know where your food comes from and how it is raised. Standards of farming are so low in our country that it behooves the consumer to investigate. The consumer’s understanding of farm fresh, cage […]

All Eggs are not equal…

Can you tell the difference between these 3 eggs? Which one is pasture raised, non-GMO? Which one is the standard commercial produced egg? Which one is advertised as being humanely raised & antibiotic free. So the top egg is a commercially produced egg from Costco – probably in an environment similar to the picture below. […]

Home of the Happy Chickens

Honey Brook Farms is home of the happy non-GMO chickens! From my farm office window right now, I can watch our pasture raised layer hens running all over chemical free pasture enjoying a tasty salad bar of wild flowers & grass….even a bug or two for the quick ones. These chickens are not simply “free […]