Quick!……..Look outside………the Pig is out! Oh no……actually, oh yes – our 300+ pound Heritage Breed Gloucester, Old Spot pig escaped from his pasture a day or two ago. He decided to go on an adventure out to the pasture where the chickens & cows are currently grazing.

Quite a few of the guys were out, leaving my two sisters and I to take on the exciting adventure now before us. We’re grateful Daniel has done such a wonderful job raising his pigs to be gentle. But even being gentle, the pig would not be swayed by kitchen scraps or a lead line. We did our deep voice grunts, just like Daniel does, to try and coax him our way – but that only went so far. He was much more interested in this new environment than following us – sigh.

Then Hannah suggested a bucket of tasty grain. This was quickly retrieved and one sniff of his favorite meal had him hooked. He began running towards the food. And so with bucket in hand, running backwards, while grunting coaxingly along and with Hannah & Sarah close behind, we all caravaned several hundred yards across the field back to his home! It was quite the site….atleast to one or two watching from the house :-). Hurrah for our little trio!