A couple pasture raised Turkeys at Honey Brook Farms

•July 22nd, 1620 – the Pilgrims depart from Delftshaven, Holland in the Speedwell to pick up the Mayflower in Southampton, England. The Speedwell was to be the vessel left behind for the Pilgrims’ use in America once the Mayflower returned. Both ships leave August 5th.

•September 6th, 1620 – After leaving the leaky Speedwell behind, the Pilgrims leave Plymouth, England and officially begin their 66 day, westward journey.

Number of passengers: 41 Pilgrims from the Scrooby church, 18 indentured servants, and the remainder being financial opportunists and adventurers for a total of 102.

•Winter of 1620-1621 – nearly half of Mayflower travelers die.

•Fall of 1621 – The very first Thanksgiving Feast – 2013 is the 392nd Anniversary

•1622 – The Plymouth settlement residents are reduced to only a 1/4 pound of bread per day for a portion of the year.

•1623  – Once again, the Pilgrims are reduced to only 5 kernels of corn per person/day for a period of time before provisions were obtained.

•The tradition of placing five kernels of corn at each plate first started at Plymouth on Forefather’s Day, 22nd Dec. 1820 on the occasion of the Bi-Centennial of the Landing of the Pilgrims.  Hosting the occasion was the newly founded Pilgrim Society with guest speaker, Daniel Webster.

•1863 – President Abraham Lincoln issues an official Thanksgiving proclomation that is then continued by every subsequent president until 1941 when the 4th Thursday of every November became a National Thanksgiving holiday.