The team is hard at work this morning (see note below). Lisa made Chicken curry the other day and oh how yummy it was – be sure to try it out. The weather is absolutely beautiful this morning. Its a great day to be alive 🙂 and working on Honey Brook Farms!
Good morning little calf!
Its a busy morning here on the farm…..
I walked in to the kitchen earlier and saw Hannah hard at work spreading the filling individually
across each pop-tart. Mom’s 100% Whole Wheat & Sprouted Wheat Breads are in the works. Sarah is working on muffins, cookies, &
granola bars. Lisa is bagging Maple Walnut Granola & bagging Hibiscuc Loose Leaf Tea. Amanda is labeling Ginger Peach Granola. Adam is working on the Raw Milk Herd Shares. Daniel is prepping produce. Mark & his team are working on cleaning coolers. Kenan has been out moving animals all morning and Dad is weed-wacking. Go team go!
Out moving & feeding turkeys earlier this week
Delivery time!
Here at Honey Brook Farms we often discuss the importance of investing today for the future. This manifests itself in a myriad of ways including setting the vision for our children, constantly researching & learning, building up the soil without the short sighted gain of synthetic fertilizers, practicing intensive rotational grazing, establishing habitats for beneficial insects & plants, building strong healthy herds of animals, and eating healthy ourselves by reading those ingredient lists and then eliminating the preservatives,
additives, sugars, & more that are so often hidden in food and through carefully selecting our raw ingredients (veggies, fruits, flour, baking powder, oils, vinegars, etc) & meats (we are what we eat, eats).
It was once said…. “Thy Food is Thy Medicine.” .
Absolute Yum…..Honey Brook Whole Wheat Bread with one of Daniel’s Gold Medal Tomatoes, a piece of heirloom kale, a couple strips of Honey Brook Heritage Pork Bacon & homemade mayo mixed with a bit of parsley
Such fun days with tomatoes everywhere!
This morning’s freshly baked strawberry & blueberry pop-tarts!
This week on the farm….
We’ve had some good ‘ol thunderstorms here recently. Last night was complete with loud thunder claps & vivid lightning strikes. When electrical storms like these hit, we have to unplug and detach our fence charger. Good thing we did last night as once of the fences was struck by lightning resulting in a 4 foot swath of thin electrical line becoming almost 2 or 3 inches thick. The power of a storm is remarkable. We like to tell our boys that thunder & lightning are God’s fireworks for us to enjoy.And then what a lot of rain! Hayfields are happy and growing. Following the rain, the weather has been absolutely beautiful this morning making for great times working outdoors.

The baby calf is almost exclusively on milk from our cows and has started grazing. Hannah has done a great job keeping up with his 3 feedings each day.

And then there is good old Dakota, our faithful chocolate lab. Always enjoys tagging along on whatever adventure anyone is after. She helps the Great Pyrenes bark at & chase away the predators or flight. And she is always a first taker for a drive around in the pickup truck.

Spectacular recent sunset over Honey Brook