From my office window here on the farm, I can look out across our chemical free fields and see a beautiful spread of hay bales that surround our pasture raised chickens. Liberty is keeping a sharp eye on the chickens in the layer paddock, the blueberry plants are enjoying an afternoon watering, the dogwoods and red buds in the tree nursery are growing well, and construction is nearing completion on the next chicken layer shelter.

Here on the farm, we enjoy the saying that ‘Many hands make light work.’ Yesterday some dear friends provided much eager help in the planting of more summer vegetable crops as well as routing out unwanted weeds. Over weekend, our family celebrated the birthday of Grandma Wilkes. Her and Grandpa were raised on farms in North Dakota back in the early to mid 1900s. They have been a constant source of inspiration as we have stepped into this farming venture. Farming has a wonderful way of bringing family together. Whether talking about the best tasting tomato, picking beans, pulling weeds, stacking hay bales, enjoying another one of God’s spectacular sunsets, or talking about the glory of God’s creation……being together is one of those events that we all look forward to.