Baby puppies are so much fun!
We have started feeding hay as the pasture is going dormant…..we only use Honey Brook hay or chemical free hay from another farmer down the road
Its about Testing

“Time and time again, U.S. farmers have lost literally billions of dollars through these contamination incidents.” This is what was said in a Washington Post Article earlier this year. While most would agree with the ideals of the certified organic label, the big elephant in the middle of the room is CONTAMINATION. This can happen many ways, even to well meaning farmers, it’s just a reality when over 90% of corn and soy in a nation are GMO.  Sadly, the organic label has no testing involved, and there is no verification for the consumer that what they are buying is what they are told.

Organic proponents will say that Non-GMO is grown using conventional means with pesticides and herbicides, and this is true for most “Non-GMO” Feeds.  There are more and more local farms selling “Non-GMO” feed that has not been tested for GMO, and have been bathed in glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides.  Even the Non GMO Project Verified label, while it tests and verifies no GMO, it does not guarantee that there are no chemicals.  However, this is where we are so grateful for our feed company in that while their growers use organic practices, they then test for over 100 chemical pesticides and herbicides including Glyphosate for feed that is guaranteed to be GMO free, pesticide free, herbicide free, and medication free.

Out for a little run at 3 weeks old….
Working on the new greenhouse
Doors in the works
Its a good life oinks & grunts the pig!
Another shipment of chaffhaye arrived this week. While many raw milk dairies will routinely use grain during milking, we are grateful to use non-gmo alfalfa
Adorableness X’s 3!
This week on the farm
Bitter cold temperatures are settling in this weekend This has called for final winterizing of different parts of the farm and an inspection of watering systems to ensure no lines freeze while still being able to provide fresh water to all the animals.

The puppies continue to do well. Mama Liberty is proving to be an exceptional Mom for this 3rd time. As you can tell, we’re having fun with pictures. A number of farms are lining up to take the puppies to new homes. We’re so excited to provide these dogs to farms where they will become such important aspects of maintaining law and order in the animal world :-).

We’re very excited about the new health product – Therapia Salve. Many have enjoyed Amanda’s variety of lip balms and the baby salve. This completely new product containing completely different ingredients than the baby salve is an all-purpose salve to naturally treat cuts, burns, boils, insect bites, stings, rashes, and chapped, cracked, or dry skin.

Otherwise, we’re farm sitting for some local farming friends this week, making some end of the year farm purchases, and gearing up for the Christmas season.

Liberty is such a good Mama…..