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Why we are NOT organic….

Thinking about buying in bulk? Contact us for options. I love Mama…. Oink, oink hello from Mama pig….piglets scheduled to arrive Dec. 23rd! Yes, this is my baby. Joshua does a quick winter time bee check Why we’re NOT organic We have spent quite a bit of time researching organic, non-gmo, cage free, free range, […]

Its about testing….

Baby puppies are so much fun! We have started feeding hay as the pasture is going dormant…..we only use Honey Brook hay or chemical free hay from another farmer down the road Its about Testing “Time and time again, U.S. farmers have lost literally billions of dollars through these contamination incidents.” This is what was […]

All Non-GMO Chicken is not equal

Our Non-GMO Project Verified Feed vs. Non-GMO Feed So is there a difference? Yes! Non-GMO continues to grow in popularity especially in light of continued exposure to the damage GMOs cause and in the wake of such statements from Monsanto as, there is no need to test the dna….or, there is no need for, or value […]

All Eggs are not equal…

Can you tell the difference between these 3 eggs? Which one is pasture raised, non-GMO? Which one is the standard commercial produced egg? Which one is advertised as being humanely raised & antibiotic free. So the top egg is a commercially produced egg from Costco – probably in an environment similar to the picture below. […]

GMO Food Labeling

I like to know what is in my food which is why I am so grateful for Farmer’s Markets. Even if there are pesticides, I can ask the farmer and he tells me how he raises the crops or meat. If I’m satisfied, I purchase and eat or keep looking. That’s why I encourage all […]

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Look it up online at: A great resource! Look up, download, and begin using the non-GMO shopping guide. Do you know the 8 crops that are grown which are GMO? What brands are safe in the store?– What is being fed to the cattle and the chicken you are eating?– Learn more, ask questions, […]