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Europe Ousting Glysophate?

How France and Germany Are Ousting Glyphosate In A Search For Healthy Soils and Pesticide-Free Crops –  The European Union voted in 2017 to be Glyphosate free in 5 years. As France & Germany are moving that way, they...

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All Non-GMO Chicken is not equal

Our Non-GMO Project Verified Feed vs. Non-GMO Feed So is there a difference? Yes! Non-GMO continues to grow in popularity especially in light of continued exposure to the damage GMOs cause and in the wake of such statements from...

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Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Look it up online at: www.nongmoshoppingguide.comA great resource! Look up, download, and begin using the non-GMO shopping guide. Do you know the 8 crops that are grown which are GMO? What brands are safe in the store?- What is...

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