Quick, help….one of the chicken coops is about to blow away….we need a team to retrieve empty grain bags that the storm is blowing across the field, rain is blowing into the garage…..what a week….Well we may be a dripping and a sloshing through puddles galore, but smiles are still abounding as we do our daily chores. The rain & wind over the last week has been remarkable.

Here in Culpeper across Honey Brook Farms’ wide open plains, storm watching is a fantastic experience with sheets of rain moving across the fields, clouds billowing over the distant mountains, blowing over the farm – wow! It is during these times that the wonders of God’s power are displayed in spectacular radiance.

Happy 4th of July. We’re looking forward to celebrating the founding of our nation tomorrow and are excited about participating with a float in our town’s old time traditional 4th of July Parade. 237 Years Ago our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establish freedom for generations to come. Today we are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice.Why were they willing? Because they understood they were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Rights not given by man but by God.

“In the year 1776 when the Signers of the Declaration of independence gathered to put their names to that famous document, they were not putting there names to a document created from a flashing moment of genius or spontaneous cleverness. On the contrary, that sagacious group was building upon what others had theorized and contemplatively cogitated. During the previous millenniums, through times of reformation, revolution, war, and peace, men had discovered the biblical principles from which to build society upon. They thoughtfully recorded the principles and gave possible applications to them. As history progressed, opportunities arose to apply those principles, but never had there been such an opportune circumstance coming in the form of the American Experiment. In complete and sublime form, The United States of America would be created, consisting of 13 separate colonies uniting into one, clearly based on Biblical principles.”