From 70 degrees to the nippy teens and 3 inches of snow, its been a great week at Honey Brook Farms!

Liberty, our female Pyrenees has been helping Jennifer train our new little male Pyrenees: Justice. On more than one occasion, Liberty has dutifully let Justice now with a pounce or bark that his activity was not acceptable as a dog at Honey Brook Farms :-).

Just the other day, a gate was left open to one of the animal pastures. Being ever so curious, one of the goats took note and led the other 5 goats with little Justice trailing behind into the big wide world beyond. All the animals escaped except for wise old Liberty who knew better than to cross through to the forbidden pasture beyond. There she sat looking through the open gate, waiting for someone to notice the escapees which thankfully wasn’t too long after.

Amidst today’s cold, windy weather, we have a team of family & dear friends making final adjustments to the anchor posts before applying the wire mesh. Once completed, this field will provide the second protected area for our pasture raised animals to graze in. Our Great Pyrenees will then be let loose inside the fenced area to make sure no hawks or foxes come near the chickens, ducks, & turkeys.