We had a fantastic week away as a family!
A beautiful rainbow out the back window the morning of our departure from the beach….
This week on the farm….
Its good to be back on the farm and in the swing of things. Much to do to catch up including tractor tire repair, moving chicks from the brooder to the field, moving cows, finishing another animal pen, prepping for a greenhouse installation, weeding through piles of mail and paperwork. Ah yes, its good to be back. See you at the market.
Raw Milk Shares still available
Raw milk shares are now available from our 100% Grass Fed Dairy Cows. Our dairy operation is one of very few in the country that keeps their cows on pasture 365 days a year. Then out of the 5-15% of grass fed dairy operations, most will supplement with grain in some way. We never give any grain or soy to our cows. In addition, all of our cows have been tested and are 100% A2/A2.

Click here for more info on how the program works, We currently deliver milk to herd share customers at the farm, Leesburg, Aldie, & Alexandria.

Currently, we have no shares available for our Saturday drops. But…..starting December 1st (at the latest), we will have raw milk shares available once again for the Saturday drops. Reserve yours today!