What fun to have friends visiting this week. From hiking Old Rag Mountain to tackling the raspberry patch, prepping the greenhouse for winter crops and going to market….we’ve had a blast!
Fresh milk for breakfast is always a treat!
Separating the calves & dairy cows for the night
Kenan & David….ready for morning action!
Installing the posts for a new cattle corral
Installing a sprinkler system for fall greens
Working on the raspberry patch
Hello from the growing dairy calves
An incredible hike to the top of Old Rag Mt!
This week on the farm….
The green van needed a trip to the shop Wednesdaymorning which meant cramming everything in to our little blue mini van for the Wednesday morning market in Mt. Vernon. Tents were strapped on top and everything barely squeezed in….only left the whole chickens & giblets behind – whoops. Three of the team had just enough space to sit for the 90 minute drive in – what an adventure!

Matthew & Kenan have been hard at work on the new corral & cattle shoot. Hoping to have most of it completed by Monday for a beef load-up on Tuesday.

Daniel has been planting away this week in prep for the fall/winter crops. Hoping for and looking forward to tasty greens all winter long.

Mom is just finishing another batch of chicken broth for market. If you haven’t picked up one of our Bone Broth recipe cards featuring a basic & advanced broth recipe, be sure to stop by the market tomorrow.

Lisa & Amanda have 50+ pounds of granola in the works for Saturday – Ginger Peach, Cranberry Almond, Maple Walnut, Honey Vanilla, & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – all made with whole grain oats, seeds, & nuts and flavored with only pure extracts (no natural or artificial flavors).

Old Rag: What a beautiful display of God’s marvelous Creation from atop this specatular mountain that is only about a 45 minute drive.