Mild Italian & Sage Loose Sausage is back in stock along with a tasty bounty of new fall baked goods including Apple Cinnamon Granola & Autumn Spice Granola…..and don’t forget to pick up a bag of loose leaf tea for these cool mornings & evenings!
Fresh picked French Breakfast Radishes
Little corners of radiant colors around the farm add to the beauty of a diversified operation
Helping clean Big Green!
Good morning from Liberty & Justice….we believe Liberty is finally pregnant with another litter!
Baby lettuce, radishes, and spicy greens
Wrapping up chores Friday morning….
Awful backup on 66 while on the way to market last Wednesday morning ๐Ÿ™
This week on the farm….
The brooders are about cleaned out with the last of the young Thanksgiving Turkeys and broilers going out to pasture. Its going to be a great Fall Season! We’re excited about all the tasty Autumn granola’s coming to market Wednesday.

The greenhouse is greening up with lots of little plants as we prepare for the slow growing months of the winter. The freezers have been restocked with beef & pork again this past week. While they last, be sure to stop by for your favorite meat cuts!

Our pre-ordered greenhouses were delayed. Looking forward to hopefully receiving soon. The fall/winter season is starting to fill up with project for the 2017 season.

Joshua & Adam were on their way to market this past Wednesday morning and encountered a sea of motionless red lights due to a major crash that resulted in a medivac by helicopter and the closing of all east bound lanes on I66. Needless to say, we were delayed and ended up arriving at market 15 minutes after the opening bell rang. But we were once again especially grateful to the Lord for His protection as the family drives many miles each week to markets across the area.

See you at market!