What a blessing it was to gather together as family and with friends yesterday for a day of thanking the Lord for His many blessings. There was much festivity surrounding the day as we prepared to sit down and enjoy a couple 30+ pound turkeys (they were big 🙂 ) that cooked up beautifully. We look forward to hearing how each and everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday was. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you as you make it possible for us to continue providing you, our local community, with quality food.
A Thanksgiving table decoration from yesterday
We’re gearing up for a fantastic day at market tomorrow. Baked goods will be light as we are still entertaining a house full of wonderful guests. But don’t miss out on a very unique opportunity for fantastic savings on chicken & bulk packages at market tomorrow!

Chicken Wings – Buy 2 get 1 FREE
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Chicken Legs – Buy 2 get 1 FREE 
(while supplies last at market tomorrow)

Online Bulk Packages:
All Chicken & Beef Bulk Packages 5% off (Must pre-order online to pickup tomorrow)

All sales are good for this Saturday only and must be picked up Saturday at either Falls Church, Del Ray, Burke, or Leesburg. 

Hope you are able to take advantage of these special offers and stock up a bit for the winter ahead.