The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun! Also, Maple Sausage returns.
Drop-offs to Stone Ridge & Haymarket take place next week, Nov. 19th!
Checking out the animal trailer
– Bulk Meat Packages:
Looking for bulk pricing on Whole chickens or maybe you also want Boneless Breasts, Drumsticks, & Wings. How about a multiple packages of chicken wings? Maybe Ground Beef, Chuck Roasts, or Beef Bones? We have options and will have even more options available soon.
Any guesses on how many chicks this happy Bantam hen has hiding under her?
Look closely….here is Mother Hen with her happy little brood….any guesses on how many?
Mother hen hatched 7 chicks!
A Fresh Watermelon Radish….slightly sweet and a bit pepper – yum!
Restocking the feeder out by Egg Mobile 1.0
The naughty sheep wandered out and decided to lay down on the road last week – Kenan promptly returned them back to the fenced in paddock
Good Moooooorning from Mr. Belted Galloway!
Building a new greenhouse
This week on the farm
The fields are being cleaned up as the last of the turkeys & chickens finish up on pasture. The dead stalks of hay across the field are being bush hogged to set the pastures for their annual winter dormancy. Following a wonderful year of natural fertilization from the rotationally grazed animals, the fields are looking especially green. This should translate in to lush dense forage next Spring.

An abundance of wood chips have been delivered to the farm this past week as we prepare to winterize the egg laying chickens.

An upcoming project will be the moving of hay bales across the creek for the cattle herd that will be overwintering in the back field.

Beautiful beet greens!