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I love Mama….
Oink, oink hello from Mama pig….piglets scheduled to arrive Dec. 23rd!
Yes, this is my baby.
Joshua does a quick winter time bee check
Why we’re NOT organic

We have spent quite a bit of time researching organic, non-gmo, cage free, free range, pasture raised, etc – and there is still much to be learned.

However, what we found is the bubble over our heads of how we think products are produced based on the label and how they actually are produced are often different.

Let’s talk ‘Organic‘ for a minute. Now organic is okay when you are in the big city with no option but the big box store. Otherwise, organic is an often misunderstood label for the consumer that needs to be inspected by the critical buyer.

How about Organic Chicken? Unfortunately, there are several problems. Here are a few….
First, the birds are raised in barns (labeled:cage free/free range) – some of which have no access to the outdoors. So the birds spend most of their life inside or outside on cement pads – they are not on grass.
Second, they are fed USDA organic feed – organic feed is supposedly grown according to official standards but it is not followed up with testing for GMO’s, herbicides, or pesticides thereby allowing for real and potential contamination.
Third, organic chickens in the store are often processed in water containing bleach or other chemicals – a quick smell is often the best inspection.

How do we go beyond organic? We believe birds should be outside and we are very wary of both the standard organic & non-gmo feeds – both of which are not tested. Our birds are on ‘grass’ 24/7 where they run about freely, protected by an expansive electric fence and daily moved shelters. Besides grass & wild flowers, our birds are supplemented with a feed that is tested & guaranteed to be GMO free, pesticide free, herbicide free, & medication free. Our birds are processed on the farm in water that has no bleach or chemicals.

Would you like a little ice with your water?
Mooooo – No!
Sooooo grateful for frost free hydrants….just have to make sure they are off with no hoses attached when temps are freezing.
An unusual Christmas cookie….yes, that is a cookie decorated as an egg – we think the yolk should be more orange, don’t you?
Christmas Cookies! We had a blast last Saturday night, over at Joshua & Lisa’s, decorating Christmas cookies. Someone became extra creative with this sugar cookie ‘egg’ complete with salt & pepper sprinkled on top. It didn’t receive the 1st place during the judged competition but we had to include it this week. ๐Ÿ™‚
Papa Pig…..
Registered Pure Bred Gloucestershire Old Spot
Even though its cold the compost pile is still working….formulating rich dark soil for next spring’s planting
Peek-a-boo – we see you!
Happy roosting chickens
This week on the farm
What an incredible amount of wind we had Thursday. It was a good day to be inside. The dairy barn has been undergoing some renovations as we prepare for expansion this coming spring season. Matthew & Derrick have been working to move several dozen hay bales across the creek to the back of the property for the beef herd.

Our adorable pyrenees puppies turned 1 month old Friday. A number of farmers are coming out Saturday to inspect them for the potential re-homing to several new farms.

The pigs seem extra happy these days with a bounty of tasty corn and greens and a plush, cozy hay pile to bed down in to.

The chickens are doing just a little better on egg laying. Its amazing how well they survive during these cold days. So long as they make it back in the egg mobile, the chickens do just fine.

We’re awaiting the birth of another calf any time now along with a litter of piglets sometime just before Christmas.