Our Non-GMO Project Verified Feed vs. Non-GMO Feed
So is there a difference? Yes! Non-GMO continues to grow in popularity especially in light of continued exposure to the damage GMOs cause and in the wake of such statements from Monsanto as, there is no need to test the dna….or, there is no need for, or value in testing the food. These are scary statements.

So Non-GMO crops are gaining ground. But, non-GMO (organic too) can cross pollinate with GMO, convential crops – especially corn which is a key ingredient in most animal feeds. On top of that, there is no guarantee that the non-GMO feed doesn’t have chemical residue on the feed. Many times non-GMO feed has been sprayed with chemicals. This is why testing is so important. As we researched, we found out that most organic and non-GMO feed has undergone no testing. 

We searched for options and were grateful to find a source of feed that is tested. Every batch of grain that comes to their mill is tested for GMO contamination. In fact, they have rejected organic grain that tested positive for GMO’s at their mill.

Our feed company tests and so the feed our chickens, turkeys, & pigs are supplemented with is…..
– Tested & Guaranteed Non-GMO
– Tested & Guaranteed Herbicide Free
– Tested & Guaranteed Pesticide Free
– Guaranteed No Medications
– Guaranteed 100% USA Produced

This testing is one of the key elements that sets them apart. On top of this, the farmers that grow the grain for our feed company follow organic practices. This has given us a high level of confidence in what our animals are eating. After all, we are what we eat, eats.