Mark, my youngest brother, & I worked together to collect all the eggs this morning. There is something wonderful about walking through either of the egg layer houses and being surrounded by an abundance of beautiful eggs with happy hens running all about performing what they were created to do – foraging through grass in search of bugs and the greens, soaking in the sunlight, laying eggs, and chasing each other around. So much better than being cooped up in subliminal conditions like the picture below showing what grocery store egg layers resemble.

Yes there are moments when rising early or being soaked by the rain (like I was this morning) are less than desirable. But when I return to the house with baskets full of eggs that I can give my little one to eat, in full confidence of quality, and then go on to provide them to our community, the investment is truly worth it! And then to top it off, as the clouds passed over, we were blessed with a spectacular view of the mountains to enjoy as the farm chores were finished. A reminder indeed that after the storms we encounter in life, there is sunlight to follow if we wait patiently.