I pulled in to the driveway at the farm the other evening just as the sun was setting behind the distant blue ridge mountains amidst a beautiful array of purple & orange. As I pulled in, I noticed the happy foraging chickens scurrying about across lush green chemical free pasture in the cool evening air. Beyond them the turkeys were strutting around sampling the abundance of fresh tasty grass.

I had to stop the car and point out the beauty of the scene before our family. So peaceful, so harmonious, so sustainable, so nutritious, so beautiful! Yes, this is the way I believe God intended farming to look.

As the sun sets behind the distant blue ridge mts, happy chickens & turkeys forage across the lush green pasture at Honey Brook Farms
Its produce picking days!
Snack time at the farm….fresh raspberries
We’re pickling veggies – dilly beans, picked cucumbers, sauerkraut, & more!
This week on the farm….
We’re picking beans, beans, & more beans! The weather has felt a lot more like July here the last several days. 4th of July was a relaxing day at the farm with dear family & friends. Spent some time praying for & remembering the history of our nation.

More chicks arrived yesterday. Joshua picked up at the post office along with a load of wood shaving for the brooders, watermelon for tonight’s dinner guests, & washing soda for a homemade baby laundry detergent recipe to give as a baby shower gift to a cousin on Sunday.

Most of the open dairy cows should be bred now. Honey supers should be removed within the next week or so. The growing beef herd has finished foraging most of the back field. Matthew is planning to move them back up front here soon. Our hay fields are growing well. If the occasional rain keeps up, we should have another good hay harvest later this summer.

Lots of tasty granola in the works…Blueberry, Cranberry Almond, Raspberry Chocolate, Maple Walnut, Honey Vanilla, & more!
Spending the cooler hours of the day in the flower/herb garden – weed pulling is refreshing & gratifying!